Gas Lights

Hearth & Home offers a variety of products and services related to those beautiful gas lights in your front (and maybe back) yards!

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Gas Lights 

From replacement heads to full new installations, Hearth & Home will sell and install everything you need to beautify your front yard with a new or updated gas light.

Various styles available:

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Low Voltage Gas Light Conversion Kit 

Convert your exisitng gas light to low voltage electric with a Gas Light Conversion Kit. Either do it yourself or have Hearth & Home service for you!

Benefits of Low Voltage over 110V Electric:

  • Standard 110V bulbs act as cups and can trap moisture from well venitlated gas light heads, corroding sockets and blowing bulbs
    • The inverted stems of the Conversion Kit repel moisture and copper stems improve bulb life by dispersing heat and avoiding corrosion
  • 110V can short and energize the yard light, casuing danger of shock if touched
    • The low 24V design of the conversion kit is safe and easy!


Tempest Torch by Travis Industries 

The Tempest Torch glass housing is designed to direct oxygen, increasing the flames velocity for a dramatic, spiral flame!

Installation Options:

  • In Ground Post
  • Deck Post
  • Pillar Mount
  • Wall Mount

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