Wood Burning Fireplaces

The fireplace is often considered the focal point of the home and nothing can match the warm and welcoming feel of a real wood fire. At Hearth & Home we carry wood burning fireboxes from the finest companies in the industry, including Fireplace Xtrodinair, Ambiance, Supreme and Valcourt, so don’t let another Chicago winter pass you by without stopping by Hearth & Home for a look at our beautiful live burning displays! 

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Elegance Series by Ambiance Fireplaces 

The Elegance® Series offers an exclusive combination of aesthetics and technology. Using Soapstone instead of firebricks, you get an increased efficiency unit with a beautiful firebox look!  It also features a unique patented air control system that allows you to slow down the fire. It will extend burn time and generate heat at a more even rate. It can either be arched or rectangular and with or without louvers. A removable ash lip is also included. Customize it to your taste and needs with our optional decorative fronts and optional blowers.

  • Sizes: 36",40" and 42"

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Supreme Astra.jpg


Astra Series by Supreme Fireplaces 

With its firebox and notable height, the Astra marries the beauty of a traditional style fireplaces with modern heating performance. Homeowners will also be impressed by its versatility throughout the changing seasons. While capable of heating large rooms with ease during winter, an optional fire-screen door allows for the ambiance of flickering fires to be enjoyed year-round. 

  • Sizes: 24",32" and 38"

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FP10 – Lafayette by Valcourt Fireplaces 

This high efficiency fireplace was inspired by the French officer and American Revolution hero of the same name. Valcourt used its tactical skills to develop a fireplace that combines home heating with superb efficiency (meets the highest EPA emission requirements) and elegance, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to use wood as a renewable and clean source of heat.

  • Heating Area: 500 - 2,100 SF
  • Firebox: 2.5 cu.ft
  • EPA Certified

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FP14 - Cartier by Valcourt Fireplaces 

The FP14 from Valcourt blends a contemporary deisign with the functionality of an efficient wood burning fireplace!

  • Heating Area: 500 - 1,900 SF
  • Firebox: 2.3 cu.ft
  • Optional Heat Distribution Kit

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FP15 - Waterloo by Valcourt Fireplaces 

The FP15 from Valcourt is startling in size and is a logical choice for a homeowner looking to combine style and high efficiency!

  • Heating Area: 1,000 - 2,800 SF
  • Firebox: 4.28 cu.ft
  • 1.6 g/hr of emissions

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FP 16 - St. Laurent by Valcourt Fireplaces 

The FP16 from Valcourt is a large decorative, linear wood buring fireplace that will be the centerpiece of your room!

  • Firebox: 6.4 cu.ft
  • Guillotine Cermaic Glass Doors for easy access
  • Firescreen protects from embers 

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FP7 – Antoinette by Valcourt Fireplaces 

The FP7 unique because it has a guillotine door that disappears up the firebox. The extraordinary design allows you to both load wood on the fire and relax with the crackle of an open fireplace. The fire screen also operates on a guillotine mechanism which allows it to close even when the ceramic glass door is up. This versatility gives you the ability to design the fireplace any way you would like it.

  • EPA Phase II qualified decorative fireplace with emission levels approximately 70% cleaner than unqualified models. 
  • Firebox: 5.3 cu.ft
  • Guillotine ceramic glass doors
  • Guillotine fire screen

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FP 11 - Frontenac by Valcourt Fireplaces 

The Frontenac is the largest wood fireplace offered by Valcourt! This beautiful fireplace has a disappearing guillotine door that disappears in the hearth, which allows you to load wood easily and also have an unmatched view of the flames!

  • EPA Phase II qualified decorative fireplace with emission levels approximately 70% cleaner than unqualified models. 
  • Firebox: 9.4 cu.ft
  • Guillotine ceramic glass doors
  • Guillotine fire screen

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FP1 – Manoir by Valcourt Fireplaces 

The Manoir is an updated version of Valcourt’s original fireplace with ceramic glass doors that slide into each side of the fireplace in one clean, smooth motion and heavy duty construction means that this is a fireplace that was built to last, providing you and your family with years of comfort and relaxation. 

  • Firebox: 4.25 cu.ft
  • Retractable ceramic glass doors
    • No locks or special tools = no hassle!
  • Heat Activated Blower included

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FP12 - Mundo by Valcourt Fireplaces 

The more "straight-lined" version of the FP10, the Mundo offers a clean face around the firebox w/ the same functionality and viewing area!

  • This High Efficiency fireplace offers a contemporary look which will bring a touch of modernization to your fireplace
  • Meets the highest EPA Emmission Requirements which provides long burn times and efficient heat!

***As there are no grills around the face of the unit, the use of a Hot Air Gravity Kit is required above the unit or off to the side (call with questions!)


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Wide Screen Wood - Town & Country Fireplaces 

Looking for a touch of contemporary but still love burning wood? Install the Town & Country 120 Linear Wood Fireplace!

  • First Wood Burning Linear Fireplace Built in North America!
  • 48" W X 20" H viewing area
  • EPA Qualified
  • Optional Hand Crafted Ceramic Surrounds from Italy (Wave Surround Shown in Picture)

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Elite Series by Fire Xtrodinair 

The 36 and 44 Elite wood fireplaces heat like a furnace and will always attract admiring glances. 

  • It features a high efficiency flame which heats through a quiet, remotely located blower which circulates the heat throughout the home. 
  • After you've taken one look you can see why this is the only fireplace line that can be called Xtrodinary! 

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Mason-Lite Fireplaces 

These factory-built, modular concrete (masonry) fireplaces are the lightest in their weight class and provide the highest heat resistant strength on the market.

  • Great for both indoor (generally new construction works best) or outdoor applications and 100% Made in the USA.
    • Available in 33", 39" 43" See-Thru, 44", 49", 63" and 75" sizes which meet/exceed all Federal, State and Local construction building code regulations!

***When used outdoors it is recommended a concrete slab is installed first due to weight of masonry.

***When used in new construction (as shown in picture) strcutrual engineer must be involved to make sure weight of unit can be supported.

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1326730171_Majestic Biltmore.jpg

Wood Burning by Majestic 

Choose from a variety of sizes and styles of prefabricated wood burning fireplaces to add the look and feel of a true masonry wood fireplace at a fraction of the cost!

  • These full refractory firebox provides a realistic look with complete brick lining which give a classic style for just the right look in your home.
  • The Biltmore (pictured) provides the largest pre-fab fireplace in the industry w/ an expansive viewing area which provides up to 1,500 square inches of fire that will allow you to enjoy the flames from almost anywhere in the room!
    • ***Available in 38", 42" or 50" Models

***Other models from Majestic available - call or stop in the shop for details