Fireplace accessories are an easy way to spruce up any fireplace and Hearth & Home carries the very best in quality, style and durability from manufactures like Stoll Fireplaces, Pilgrim Home and Hearth, Portland Willamette, Minuteman International and Ambiance .

  • Accessories include fireplace screens, tool sets, log holders/carriers, bellows and hearth rugs.
  • Also check out some of our smaller maintenance accessories such as paint, mortar and gasket and other supplies for your wood or gas fireplace.

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Chimney Top Products 

 If you look up on your roof and do not see a chimney cap on your fireplace or furnace flue, give us a call! Hearth & Home sells and installs a variety of Chimney Top related products, including:

  • Chim-A-Lator 
    • Will not freeze shut, six opening settings, 100% 18 ga. stainless construction


  • Stainless Steel Chimney Caps (Square, Rect., Round)
    • Keeps out rain and animals!



Maintenance Products by Ambiance Fireplaces 

Maintenance products from Ambiance Fireplaces include:

  • Hi-Temp Mortar
  • Hi-Temp Silicone
  • Gasket Cement
  • Creosote Destroyer
  • Gel and solid Firestarter
  • Glass Cleaner

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1372768832_Ember Grate.jpg

Fireplace Grates by Stoll 

Stoll fireplace grates are hand-crafted in the USA and made or durable, heavy 3/4" bar stock steel which will help your wood fire burn beautifully and efficiently for years.

  • Ember Grate (shown) have steel grids attached to the bottom which keeps the hot coals up higher where they can burn hotter an longer.
  • Contured Grates feature a slope design thats allows unburned wood to slide into the heated, burning area.

1372769361_Stoll Toolsets.jpeg

Tool Sets by Stoll 

These beautifully hand-crated fireplace tool sets from Stoll are made right here in the USA. Choose from many different styles and finishes to add the perfect accent to you fireplace!

Shown (from left to right):

  • Traditional (Brushed Copper)
  • Value Plus (Charcoal)
  • Stainless

1372770082_Log Ring and Wood Rack.jpeg

Log Rings and Wood Racks by Stoll 

Two great ways to store logs are the Log Ring and Wood Holder by Stoll. Both are hand-crafted in South Carolina!

The Log Rings are designed to hold a large amount of wood in a good looking fashion.

  • Available in 24", 36" and 48" diameters

The Wood Racks are constructed from powder coated steel constructed and fold easily for quick storage.

  • Available in 24", 36" or 48"

1372770691_Wood Holders.jpeg

Log Holders by Stoll 

Accent your fireplace with a beautiful, hand-crafted log holder from Stoll. These log holders can be made to match any Stoll Door or Screen!

Shown (from left to right):

  • Colonial
  • Traditional
  • Forged
  • Blacksmith

1372770931_Hearth Center.jpg

Hearth Centers by Stoll 

The Hearth Center by Stoll features handcrafted tools AND a log holder to create an all-in-one fireplace organization area! Available in 4 styles and can be made to any Stoll door or screen!


  • Forged Hearth Center

1372772318_Stoll Screens.jpg

Freestanding Screens by Stoll 

Freestanding screens from Stoll are a great way to limit access to the fire while still keeping the beauty of the fireplace intact!

  • Available in multiple styles and finishes

1320216201_Accessories  Pilgrim Screen.jpg

Screens by Pilgrim Home and Hearth 

Unlike many less expensive screens available, Pilgrim screen mesh is made of a heavier wire construction with 8 strands of wire per inch for maximum safety against hot sparks and embers. Choose from a variety of styles and finishes.

1320216159_Accessories  Pilgrim Tool Set.jpg

Tool Sets by Pilgrim Home and Hearth 

Pilgrim quality is evident in every detail. Each steel handle is individually contoured on a precision lathe, carefully polished and finished with a protective clear coat. Pilgrim brushes feature a natural fiber that will not produce a flame when exposed to fire. Choose from many different styles and finishes to add that extra something to your heath.

1320216259_Accessories  Pilgrim Hearth Rug.jpg

Hearth Rugs by Pilgrim Home and Hearth 

All hearth rugs by Pilgrim meet all the necessary requirements for surface flammability of carpets and rugs. Hot cinders may damage the fibers, but will not spread the flame.

1320216229_Accessories Pilgrim Wood Holder.jpg

Wood Holders and Carts by Pilgrim Home and Hearth 

Make transporting wood from the shed or yard to your home a synch with a wood holder or wood cart from Pilgrim!