Retractable Awnings

We realize that your patio is your own personal retreat. That’s why here at Hearth & Home we offer retractable patio awnings to help extend and improve your outdoor living areas by shielding you from the elements. Choose from multiple features, sizes and fabrics to customize your awning and to add shade, beauty and value to your home today!


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The Sunesta 

Sunesta Premium Class Retractable Awning allows you to extend and enhance your home's outdoor living space by providing shade when you need it and sun when you want it. Either way, you can create your own perfect day!

  • 8 ranges up to 14'8"
  • Single frame width up to 40'
  • 190+ fabric patterns


The Sunstyle 

No two homes are alike. That is why the Sunstyle model offers complete customization so that each awning is tailored to your needs and lifestyle!

  • 6 ranges up to 14'8"
  • Single frame width up to 40'
  • 190+ fabric patterns


The Sunlight 

Increase your home's outdoor living area and create the perfect day with a customizable Sunlight Retractable Awning. An overhead retractable awning not onlu offers shade, it adds beauty and value to your home! Featuring multiple add-on options and five different projections up to 10', the Sunlight offers complete sun control for your perfect retreat!

  • 5 ranges up to 10'
  • Single frame width up to 24'
  • 190+ fabric patterns


The Sundrop 


Either sun or shade, it's your choice when you have a Sundrop over your windows. These window awnings can instantly improve the look of your home while saving money in the future through energy-efficiency! Window awnings will also help protect your home by shading your furniture and carpet from unwanted sun and heat during the summer! The Sundrop features projections between 24" and 60" and widths from 2' to 24'. Choose from 4 frame colors and over 180 fabrics!


The Sunroll and Sentry 

Guard against the elements, sun and even insects with a retractable patio or window screen from Sunesta. These products provide great quality, ease of use and reliability for many different applications to shade and protect your windows or outdoor rooms. Ask our sales staff for more information on the different applications, styles and mounting options available today!